Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Rest Sunday

I`ve been stalking blogs for a few days now because it seems all I have time for at a moments notice. Plus really handy to have goggle reader on my android. I just wish it let you leave comments on it. For that I have to use my laptop. So a lot of the time I am unable to comment.
Anyways everyone has such nice Christmas decorating, stitching, exchanges and gifts they have received. I have to admit I am kind of jealous. I used to get a gift certificate from my favorite needle work shop or was able to go on a shopping spree there. Now moving back, that shop is no longer here and the stitchers have all gone there own way. I still talk to a couple, I am hoping to meet up with after Christmas sometime.
Anyway I did get some stitching done last night so I will post later tonight and the pictures of our Christmas tree.


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