Sunday, December 23, 2012

one thing lost, a gift and accomplishments? =long post

ok so first up I have a rant sorry.
When the movers were suppose to move my car here, it was suppose to go on the truck. They decided to send it by train without permission and emptied it to boot....I won't get into how angry I am over this but the reason I am explaining this is because my stitching stand was in the car. it is 3 pieces and the main piece of course is missing. They unloaded the transport Thursday and they could not find the part. Of course I have no idea the make of the stand and I actually think the person that made it doesn't anymore. I am so upset!! My husband says that I we should just make the mover pay for a new one. I don't know though, something tells me they are typical men and just didn't see it. I HOPE.
Well so I don't know what to do. Do I save for a new stand? I don't even know where to look to find a reasonable priced one. It has to be a floor one that works with a couch.
With my birthday coming up close behind Christmas my eye has been on this chart that just came out.
I don't usually like stitching people (unless they are angels or for someone else) but I really like her. So I ask mom for her and the fabby and embellishments to stitch her up. I think its the colours that draw me to her more then anything.

2012 accomplishments this year include
1. And Your Little Dog Too 
2. Snowy Animals-donkey
3. Sweet Child's Birth Sampler
4. We Care
5. Wish you the happiest of holidays
6.  Believe
7. Brighter Tomorrows 
8. Merry Choo Choo Ornament
9. Cirque Des Cercles  
10. Christmas Mouse with stocking
11. With this Ring
12. OWL
13. Reed's Stocking
14. Teaching is A Touch of Heart
15. Christmas Bird/wreath

16. Oh Baby

17. 6 Fat Men Flip-it

18. Happy Halloween
19. Newton Ornament

Wow I'm pretty proud of myself!! For not stitching at all in 2011 while I was prego this is pretty good. I didn't finish all of what was on my to do list and of course there were some additions too. I found writing the to do list out did help though, so I will do it again for 2013. Just click on the tab to check it out. But I think it will take me most of January to have it all added as I think of things.
things I didn't finish
-garnet fairy (didn't touch it)
-Inspiration (but stitched on it)
-casting a spell (started just gotta get back to it)
-Alpine seasons (won't start till first two are done)
along with a couple of cross stitch things that's a pretty short list....
Well I work the dreaded Christmas Eve 9:30- 6 Not looking forward to it at all. But I am feeling better. Thanks for all your kind words! Talk to you all tomorrow everyone.



  1. ohhhh sorry to hear about the stand ... what a pain ... there are a few that go under couches depends on how many pennies you have got spare .... the stitch master does as well as the lowery (expensive)and a couple of others will try and look for some links for you :)
    great list you stitched and I am like you working on Christmas eve ... hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very merry stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxxxx
    ps love that chart too

  2. Tammy the movers are responsible for all of your items and the condition that they arrive in - they should replace your stand and you all should take a firm approach on this

    From someone who has moved about 7 times.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. I'd definitely hold the moving company responsible! Make them give you the money to purchase a new stand of equal value of the one you had if you cannot order that same one again.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I would definitely have the movers pay for a new one! It is their job to ensure your car and all of it's contents arrive safely. Love the pattern that you want and it will look amazing!

    Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year!


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