Monday, January 14, 2013

25-30 done

Well I am glad to report I had a good weekend. I hope this continues through the week as well.
I completed stitching the bottom row of pages (since it was just border). Glad this part is done. Now I am going to take a little break from this piece as it wares me out. Takes a lot of thinking to get the vines done properly.

 I also started my SAL piece, so far love it because it takes no thinking and is a small piece

loves taking the broom for walks lol



  1. Your piece is beautiful. Anxious to watch your progress. I see you have a mommy's little helper there with the broom.

  2. Your projects are looking great, but you are right it they ware you out you will only make mistakes and get frustrated :)

  3. Those vines do look like they take a lot of thinking and counting! Happy Stitching! :)


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