Wednesday, January 23, 2013

fabric for fatmen

Since I had so many comments about the fabric I decided to do some research on it in my ebay archives for you girls.
homesweethomeneedlecrafts on ebay
32 ct Hand-Dyed Lugana
the LINK to other colours she has.
The one I picked was shimmering romance
(be for warned though the fabric is stiff and you will go through a lot of floss because of it)

I took my son to the Dr's today and we have another ear infection yahoo. At least we can treat it with some antibiotics and maybe it will help his cough in the long run I hope.
Hubby had another interview today and it looks good so far. Just have to wait for a call-back for interview number 2. There are 6 positions available so I am crossing my fingers AGAIN.

I started the 2nd dragon ornament while I cook my sons lunch for tomorrow, I really wanted to stitch on the fairy tonight but it is already 11 and its my turn at the dr's tomorrow (yahoo's again). At least it will be a short work day as I am only going in 12-4 tomorrow. So maybe I can stitch tomorrow night then after supper.


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  1. Very pretty fabric for the fat men. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your DH about the interview. Can't wait to see the dragon ornament.


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