Sunday, January 13, 2013

what a day...

My baby boy had his first haircut today he did really good. No tears!
then we headed to Walmart to finally get his 1 year photos done. I won't get them back until Feb 8th. I am a little disappointed in that. I guess there lab was shut down for 2 weeks though and they are behind,
then I took him for a happy meal
                                                            mmmm cheeseburger LOL
Then I had to make a trip to Micheal's  I went there for something specific but I also found a small hoop to use for ornaments. I think it will be good to keep at work. They had some white 28 ct Charles craft even-weave so I picked that up too.
Tomorrow I am kitting up my little dragon ornaments that I want to do for my son. I also have to put my threads I just purchase on my inventory lists and with the pattern they belong with. This all in between cleaning the duplex since the Christmas tree also came down. Everything needs to be vacuumed and washed. Makes me tired just thinking about it and not how I want to spend my Sunday off. Oh well, at least the laundry is done!



  1. Your little guy is just adorable! I remember my baby boy's first haircut. He just turned 17 and it seems like yesterday!

  2. Your little boy is the cutest little thing ever! I miss those days...they go so fast!

  3. Hi Tammy. I can remember my two sons having that first hair cut. Both looked like little boys instead of baby boys when they got home. Nicola is just so cute and look at him enjoying that happy meal!

    Once that cleaning is behind you, you'll be able to enjoy your evenings with your family more. It will be all taken care of and you can sit back and stitch after baby is in bed.

    LindaLee from
    My Stitches


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