Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lets see.....

1. Finish the last of the pages to complete left side of Inspiration (that means only 20 pages to go)
    Only have 16 pages left whohoo
2. Stitch Snowman Sampler Ornament
    nope, fail
3. Stitch first of the Dragonette 12 days of Christmas Ornaments
    Check and check
4. Get a good chunk stitched of Garnet Fairy
    working on now
5. Get a good chunk stitched of Casting a Spell 
    nope, fail
6. Start my piece for the 2013 Sal Blog I just joined 
    yup, & finished

Not too bad I think! Now for Feb.


1. work on Garnet

2. work on Casting a spell

3. finish 2nd dragon ornament

Not to hard. I am sure that something will come up though that will be new that will be added to the list. 
Thank God one more shift tomorrow then I am done for the weekend yahoo

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  1. I think you did real well on your list of projects. I should make a list as well, but I did once,,,,,,and it scared me when I realized how little I did do! Love the new header on your blog.


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