Sunday, February 10, 2013

Send some good Luck Charms my way Please!

Wow my family's bad luck just keeps going on and on...... my fil's transmission stopped working in his car today when they were on their (hubby and fil) to Banff. I think Banff is just jinx for us. Thank God we have CAA and so does he. Plus I have been hit with either a another cold or sinus infection. I am hoping its just a cold I picked up cause I really do not want to have to go through the teeth pain of the last sinus infection. It was not fun at all and I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

On a good note though I did get some energy a bit today and while the guys were out. I was able to get most of the wash done and played my son and myself out. They when he napped I was able to fix my floss drawers in my cabinet that he decided to pull out. We now have the drawers facing the wall lol.
I got in a little nap after that then tonight was able to get some stitching in on the January Garnet Fairy and finish the left side of the part I was working on. Yes there are spaces, that's where the beads will go. I always stitch them last.
Now hopefully I'll be able to start the right side tomorrow. Then I have to choose to go up or down. I decided to do the back-stitch as I go this time as there is not much. I don't think I am going to have fun with the Kreinik back-stitching on the wings, and its dark green...hmmm I wonder why she picked that colour to do the outline in.


  1. I hope this cold passes quickly.
    We have been fortunate so far not to catch any colds but that will probably change when we start the next job in April.

    Great progress!

  2. Your stitching is coming right along. Very pretty colors.
    You take good care of yourself and get rid of that cold girlfriend.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches


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