Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Finish and Updates

Well at least I feel Like I accomplished something today, keep reading

still working on her arms

my two out of three cats sitting behind me as I stitch. Leo on the left and Jasper on the right

 mail today yahoo!! I received the needleworker and the fabric and my stitching bag from Shepherd's Bush. I think I did a little happy dance in the post office. My husband and I planned on watching Breaking dawn two during the afternoon as I had the day off. So I was going to start a new project or two if time permitted me to do so.
Doesn't this material look like it is way darker then the picture? I know that pictures differ with the light but this seems to be way off base? Even the floss on it, some of it dose not seem to show up well. I am kinda concerned. I wish I had gone with a light fabric and think I might have to to be happy with the colour. What a waste of money since I don't like the colour and its 30 count fabric probably not an easy sell. Oh well....guess I will figure out what I will do later.
 I started and finished my stitching bag today it was super easy and I enjoyed stitching it. I put my initals on the back just in case I am stitching with it and someone else stitched one too.

 My little ham


  1. You could always hit your fabric stash and change it up... and the stitching bag is so cute. I think I may have to do one the size of an army duffle bag though....
    Cheers and have a nice stitch.
    oh and Thank you again
    As always

  2. Love the progress on the fairy. It almost makes me want to start mine. Love the stitching bag - it may be one for me to do. The needleworker looks like it will be gorgeous too. Your little ham is tooooo cute as well.

    Happy Stitching!

  3. Oh your little boy looks such a poppet. You have some lovely stitching in your blog and I will look forward to visiting again.


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