Monday, March 25, 2013

calling Carstairs/Airdrie/Olds/Didsbury Stitchers are you out there?

Its not Wed-stitch-day but I am missing my stitching friends. I missed out when I had my baby boy and now that I am so far away. I miss the laughter and fun and just the companionship.
Ever since 2 busy stitches closed here everyone where I am now are really disperesed and out of touch. I really need to go to a drop in stitching in at the Cochrane shop so maybe I can meet some new stitchers. There is not anyone here that I know of that cross stitches or even in the towns around me. Wish there was, its easier to meet up then.

Anyway hope you all are having a great week and sending hugs back to Brantford



  1. Hi Tammy. I know you've seen my blog and I just wanted to say what you said is a great idea. Just stop by at The Stitching Corner in Cochrane and I know you will enjoy yourself. My best friend Denise goes there all the time. She lives in Bragg creek. She just had a stitching weekend I think it was and always enjoys her friends there. She has mentioned someone named Terry who is a fantastically quick and beautiful stitcher. I will mention your name to Denise as well and may meet her there.

  2. Hello there, I was so happy to come upon your other blog that has all the stitching blogs listed. Thanks for doing that! I'd love to be added to the list if you ever have the time to add my blog there.

    I know what you mean about stitching friends--not many of my friends stitch, and it is wonderful when we have friends who do!


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