Wednesday, March 6, 2013

stitching blue on wings and other things

I am soo behind...
Lets see so Feb goals
worked on Garnet Fairy - Check
finished Feb Dragon orni - Check
worked on casting a spell - Nope

work on Garnet Fairy
finish March Dragon
order and start Needleworker new chart by Little House

I was able to stitch today for a few hours and got some of the blue done in the garnet fairys wings. I'll update the picture in the morning.

I was able to order some items from the blog giveaway I won from Melissa. So I have fabric for the needleworker too from little house on its way and some Gentile Sampler threads I need for another pattern I would like to start ASAP or when I get bored with my WIP. Thanks Melissa!! Will post when I get them in just because!

I thought of a couple of other things i wanted to post now I forgot.. Hate when that happens. Oh well another days post I guess.


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  1. I love the colours on this :D good luck with your goals x


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