Sunday, April 21, 2013

blog reader a new one for choice??

I don't know about you readers and how you read your blogs. I tend to use Google reader for most (especially at work on break) and then my favorites I go to directly from my blog. There are pros and cons. You can read a lot of blogs quick is the pro but the cons are that our blog do not count that as a visit and you cannot directly comment on the blog unless you go straight to it. Otherwise it is a good system---until they announced that they are shutting down the Google reader as of July 1st.
Ok well, so my choices are now??
A lot of bloggers are using bloglovin. I really do not like this app, or the emails or the preferences (where there isn't nearly enough choices how to fix the app how you want to read it.
Now I am trying Feedly. It will sinc with your Google reader feeds until they are gone and says it will then replace Google reader - here is hoping that is does do that. Anyways if you want to look into it here is the LINK- FEEDLY

If you already use this app or try it out after reading this email me or comment and let me know what you think about it please

Update on Hermit weekend tomorrow as I have all tonight to stitch after baby boy is in bed



  1. I've been using Feedly too. I've been using it for about a week because I wanted something on my iPhone that would allow me to keep on top of the blogs I follow, and so far I'm loving it. It's got such a simple design, so it didn't take me too long to figure it out. I haven't tried Bloglovin, though, so I can't comment on it.

  2. I too switched to Feedly a few weeks ago, and I also love it. I'm sticking with it, in fact! :)

  3. I've been trying both Bloglovin and Feedly simultaneously so I can decide which I like best. So far, I'm leaning towards Feedly. It kept all my folders and organization that I had set up in Google Reader -- Bloglovin did not and I don't want to take the time to go through all that again. Feedly lets me know how many new, unread blogposts there are -- Bloglovin does not. I have been using Feedly on my desktop and mobile device and really like the way each works. The thing with both Bloglovin and Feedly is that I can't subscribe to new blogs as easily as I could with Google Reader. I don't like that when I'm using Bloglovin and want to go directly to a particular blog, the blog opens in another page, but it's running with the Bloglovin interface.

    I'll be interested in what your other readers are using.

  4. I've started using The Old Reader. I really like it. It works very similarly to Google Reader.
    It kept all my folders and organization and is extremely easy to add subscriptions to.
    Because of the influx of GReader users, it took awhile for my blog list to be imported, but I'm really enjoying using it. I know they are constantly working on making it a better experience.

  5. I'm going with Feedly when all this hubbabaloo is all over with Googlereader....I find that if you set it to list mode it reads alot like google reader, but is divided by day, instead of blog, which is fine with me! I haven't tried bloglovin', I just don't need another account online to keep up with, and Feedly is through google (I think!) so it already has all my info.


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