Saturday, June 1, 2013


Wow I feel like I have not been on here forever! Sorry it has been less then interesting on my blog, but with us so sick all the time I have not been stitching and have not had any energy levels.

I wanna thanks Pam for helping out with the last post, you stitchers are great!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their springtime. I am anxiously waiting the strawberries to come out. Its the one thing that my whole family loves!
One of these days I will stitch another pattern of strawberries too. My grandfather used to love strawberries, every summer he/we would go picking at a farm 2-3 times a week. He would spend the afternoon outside washing, taking the green off and cutting them up to be put into empty peanut-butter jars to freeze. He always had enough to last all winter. So when you wanted strawberries and ice cream you would go and visit grandma and grandpa. I miss that and them!

We finally have some green grass going since it has rained and rained and rained. I thought it was never going to stop seriously! I am around a whole bunch of farm land so its so nice driving to work and seeing all the herds of cattle and the babies.

Tomorrow they are calling for rain yet again so if I am stuck inside going to try to stitch more white on the wings of the fairy and if it doesn't rain I think we will be heading off to the park for the afternoon.
Have a nice stitchy Sunday!


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  1. Such great memories of your grandparents and strawberries!!
    Hope you are feeling better!


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