Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Um I forgot

Geez I hate it when I come up with some good blog items to write about and then poof I go to write my post and its gone gone gone.
I had a good day of retail therapy today, I was suppose to nap and stitch but ended up out shopping all day instead. Oh well I guess I'll have to make it up on this coming Tuesday.
This is only going to be a quick post as I am going to try and stitch tonight as last night I did some more digital scrapbooking and it is sooo time consuming! 4 more pages to go and I will be done the first year book for my son yahoo.


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  1. I do the same thing Tammy, so don't feel alone. I have deliberately saved some pictures I've taken this week so I can at least post them on my blog. Your baby boy is growing too fast isn't he? He's so cute.


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