Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday a jibbering Long Post

A lot of nice new releases from cottage country and Little House Needleworks, The new Shepherds Bush Oliver stocking and on and on.

Are these not gorgeous? Limited edition from Anita's and only available in January 2014

After battling the 24hr flu with my son things were back to normal for a Sunday...
Were you able to check out the online needlework show as well? I buzzed through fast as I don't really have the extra "want" money laying around due to the house (4 days to go), son's birthday coming up and not to mention Christmas which is only 2 months 4 days away ahhhh. Some of my Christmas shopping is done though yeah.
My mother in law is coming for a couple of weeks during Christmas. It will be nice for her to see our house and she hasn't seen Nicola since he was Baptized 4 months in Quebec.

I cannot wait to start putting my craft room together!! I think its going to be some work and some ideas not being able to come through. We will see I guess. I have got a lot of good ideas off of Pin interest. All I know so far is that I am painting a light bluish turquoise colour. Everything else will be white. I have white shelves and white cube holders. Going to get a white table for my sewing machine and re finish my stools. I might build a bookcase using crates. Haven't figured that one out just yet if that's what I want. I am trying to figure out a why of displaying some of my patterns. I have used in the past a filing cabinet and magazine holders. The magazine holders I have used for the last 5 years but I find them well blah. So maybe I can come up with something else or maybe not. A trip to Micheal's is in my near future and some painting.

Well I am suppose to be hermit stitching and that is out the window, I better go read and go to sleep. Nah I'll read some more blogs first then head to bed. Tomorrow comes and then we will be down to 3 days.

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