Wednesday, December 4, 2013

back at it... Well partly

My granny squares that is !!! It has been relaxing me doing them so I am making myself sit and crochet at least one a day for now. I will finish my blanket hopefully by summer!! I'll have to count and see how many more I need. I think its about 200 though.

Don't know if the blog background is working for me, what do you think? Is it too busy???Hard to read??

Oh my what a day this was! The first two were so easy. Not so much that my baby is two now and defiant with everything! Everyone thinks its a funny picture so thought I would share

As for mojo for cross stitch its gone again. I need it back so if you see it let me know. I have no problem purchasing patterns but when I sit done to stitch its like I am almost not interested. What the heck does that mean? I hope I will want to stitch once things settle down again. Yes we are in up-heval again.
The packing is almost done, hubby went to Toronto and back, fights with FIL,we made it through a blizzard these past two days , but my hubby got let go from work last Thursday. Very long story and upsetting so excuse if I do not explain, lets just say the boss does not know how to run a business and that's me being VERY NICE! Merry Christmas to us. At least we were able to move into a house that is the good side!

Anyways I am back to work tomorrow and I really have to take a washroom break I know TMI.
SO good night and look forward to hear from you, I miss blogging, reading comments and reading blogs too.


  1. Sounds like you're finding out what the "Terrible Two's" are all about with your little guy. At least you got a picture with Santa. When my youngest DD was that age, she wouldn't go anywhere near Santa and screamed like she was being hurt if we tried to coax her.

    Sorry to hear about the job. I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Sending hugs! You will get through it all...and when it is right, the mojo will return ~ I think we all go through it from time to time...


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