Thursday, September 25, 2014

looooong post!

What a busy Thursday and yet no stitching...yet

I was able to go to the local grocery store and find the new Ornament magazine ready to be put out so it went through the cash licked-y-split.

Now I gotta say ever since that they changed publishers it has not been the same....or is it all in my head? I remember before the magazine over flowing with ornaments now it seems scarce and really nothing that blows me out of the water to complete. There are a few that I really like, like the Victoria sampler one but like I said no wow factor.....

So the main reason I went to the Stitching Corner today was to find the letter pattern from Nora Corbett for H. I was thinking to make it for my friends daughter for her birthday in January (we have that in common). They are moving away so I thought it would be a nice gift for a new bedroom. So anyhow I did not find the pattern so it is on order from 123 stitch now along with some fabric for blue eyes (more on that later).

More on the pattern this is the original
I don't mind the yellow so much now that I am looking at it again but this is what I found on another blog.

What do you think???
this is the fabric I ordered from silk weaver

I really did not like the letter H with the mermaid and those colours ouch, this one was much better.

I bought this pattern too but do not like the blue used now I have to figure out other colour changes gah why do I do this to myself?



  1. I think the fabric you chose Tammy is perfect.


  2. I like the fabric for the letter H too :) I think it will be lovely!

  3. gorgeous stitching, love the fabric♥


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