Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday nights are cold in Alberta

I seriously need to get off of stitching blogs and get my butt stitching!!!! I did find a great SAL I am pretty sure I can manage to do for next year along with my own see below for post). It is the stitch from your stash SAL the link is on the right side of my blog. I hope I get more interest in my SAL. I have decided I am not going to do the Christmas blog for ornies next year. I have to let some things go and I never kept up on it like I should have.

ugh just realized my links were not working to new blog, should be ok now

May you have no frogs at your stitching chair today.... Tammy

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  1. LOL I'm with you! I spend way too much time on the computer that could be spent stitching. I think I figured out how to contribute to the new blog, and I'll be putting a link to it on my other blog. I'm not very tech wise so it's a challenge.


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