Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day

Well I was hoping today would be a little better then yesterday as my 3 year did not want to listen at all - all day. I was unfortunately counting down until bedtime last night. Today is a bit better but not by much. Tomorrow I have a play-date for him so hopefully that will go well.

Anyhow after he did go to bed I pulled out Garnet fairy and really enjoyed working on her again last night. I finished her feet and added some red.

These were some of my stitching goodies from yesterday. I did buy some floss and mom has a bead caddy coming when it is back in stock at Jo-Ann`s. I did not add any of these to my turtle trot but maybe if I get a good chunk of them done or midway I might start one of these too! Gotta remember that the frame for mason jar lineup is at herrschners for 16.99.


  1. Looks like you got some great goodies :)

  2. Love the aurora cabin. That was my second ever project.

  3. Nice progress Tammy. Love your new stash.


  4. Yay for stash, its all wonderful. Sorry the little one wasn't listening, better days are ahead!!

  5. Oh my gosh!! My 3 year old has been acting like that the past few days as well!! I'm about to take her Christmas candy away for a day!!! Lol your stitching is looking beautiful!!! Great stash!!


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