Monday, December 15, 2014


Found out today that my generousness mother in law sent me 100$ for Christmas. I have been having problems holding my q-snaps and with the SAL coming on I thought it might be a good idea to purchase a lap stand for the bigger project.

This is what I decided on, I hope I made a good choice. I will be picking it up on Saturday at my LNS along with the threads for my B&B. I have another stand called the third arm and it holds everything but sometimes I feel its to complicated just for the couch. I think when I get my upstairs back from my FIL it will go permanently up there when I want to stitch in the recliner.

Oh by the way those dumb amo boxes I bought and received today were the wrong ones ugh. Now I have no idea what the right ones were and am so frustrated I wasted my money because its too complicated to send back.


  1. Oo I love that stand. I want one too! I shall be jealous until then. ;-)

  2. Beautiful stand :-) I hope it makes stitching easier. I'm sorry about the debacle with the ammo boxes.

  3. I hope you love the stand!
    Sorry about the boxes :(

  4. Sorry to hear about the ammo boxes, but passing your test is GREAT news - congratulations. A beautiful pick for your stand - you really can't go wrong with American Dream products.


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