Thursday, January 1, 2015

1-2nd stitchy start

I should be sleeping stitching but I am on the computer. I get on then I cannot get off. Its been a losing battle all day. I finally stitched around the sides of my material for tiger dreams and my mandala I started today. Its going to be my grab and go project oh yah I have to put scissors in the case....
Tomorrow back to work for 5 days straight. I did finish putting my schoolwork in somewhat order but am missing a lot from one of my course so will be printing out some stuff.
I have 12 weeks to study so that means 4 chapters a week nice looking forward to that not!!! 
Anyways this is the mandala
mandala is the return of Rio - it counts as my turtle trot and my stitch from stash

and here is tiger dreams if you did not see it it only counts as a new start for stitchy stat SAL


  1. Your mandala is very pretty - great new start.

  2. Happy New Year. Nice to see a good solid start for 2015. Keep it up and they will be finished in no time!

  3. Happy New Year!

    I love those mandalas. Great starts!

  4. I'm having the same problem today :-) The mandala looks great; I love the colors. I have to start my second chart today. Love your progress so :-)

  5. Love the mandala. I have yet to stitch nevermind start anything yet.

  6. Love your new starts Tammy. Can you tell me the name of the mandala. I know its from Ink Circles.



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