Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bit the bullet

Now I really have to finish my Garnet fairy before Stitch from stash.
I bought the dragonfly pattern I have been wanting forever!!!
Now I have to decide what fabric to do it on. This will probably be my jan 1, 2016 start along with the headless horseman from Glendon Place

Hubby said he was going to buy me my thread/bead kit for the pattern so I think that does not count as my monthy but the pattern does. So if I finish Garnet I can add another 16$ to the 25$ and my remainder and it should cover the pattern since it was expensive!


  1. Lovely pattern:) Handy to have a hubby to shop for you:))

  2. Beautiful pattern! I've been eyeing it myself.

  3. Beautiful pattern! I've been eyeing it myself.

  4. Good for you to buy that pattern, it's beautiful

  5. I'm so glad you bought it; it's beautiful. I look forward to seeing it planned out.


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