Monday, March 2, 2015


28 days to go and my exam is here......yes a little stresses, nervous and excited to get it done and done.
Also Chatalaine designs new website should be up and running in a few days and that hopefully means the coming soon will be taken off my design

Makes me so happy, now to figure out what I want to stitch it on, any suggestions??

I also found out today that our contract at work is partially settled so that means a raise and retro pay yeah I will be able to afford my new pattern and kit....hmmm might not make the stitch from stash with that buy oh no.

Happy Stitching for March!


  1. Good luck with your exam and great news on the pay rise!

  2. Good luck with your exam, Tammy! You're going to do great. Congrats on the pay raise; I say go ahead and get that new kit. It's okay to be over budget one month.


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