Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stitch from stash March 2015

I am embarrassed to report this but here goes

Month: MARCH  --MAR 25$ + 29$(carry over) = $54
Spent: $206.83 - $54 = -152.83 BUST

Earned: zero

I really wanted to get her done to add to my stash money but it would not have made a difference I am afraid. Went all out this month. I will tell you about the purchases below the picture.

this was from Traditional Stitches after the Nashville show. There are
alot of item not in the picture because they are mostly beads and overdyed threads
This is what came in from 123 stitch, the thread is for the headless horseman

I have also the fabric on its way for him and a gadget holder which I will post pictures of when it gets here. I have wanted it since I saw it so I bit the bullet.

I also have bought Dragonfly pattern from Chatalaine and the kit for it which my retroactive pay helped pay for.

Now I guess that exams are finished until I find out my results, I can get my stitch on!


  1. Haha! Sometimes a girl just has to shop...and shop...and shop!!! Can't wait to see all your up-coming stitching:)) Enjoy!


  2. Oh, you made me feel so much better, Tammy. I had about the same kind of spend month. It happens; just too many fabulous charts out there! I love your new stash, and your progress is wonderful.

  3. Wow you bought some fab stash :)
    Maybe you do better in the second half of sfs
    You still have a few months to practise :)

  4. Nice stash haul - you can never have too much ha ha. I always say that collecting stash is part of this needlework hobby, not just the stitching!

  5. Enjoy your new stash, it's a wonderful haul

  6. If you're gonna break the bank might as well go big! Love the new stash :)

  7. Please post photos when your Chatelaine kit arrives! I can't wait to see it.


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