Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cell post

Hi everyone, well lost the mojo. Finished the fairy and got sick and now nothing nada zip. I am hoping that the little stitching bug shows up soon or at the least by this weekend for hermit stitching.  I did get the rest of my stash in that I busted the bank with last month don't know how these will look from iPhone but here goes.
New tool holder just because
Material haunted by headless. Colour looks all wrong it actually looks like midnight blue not purple hmm I wonder why it does this to material.

Dragonfly tile lovely for my chatalaine


  1. ooooo nice stash haul ... the fabric will turn a different colour due to the lighting around it .... if you have "yellow " light light bulb it will change it as apposed to a white light bulb .... love mouse xxxx

  2. Love your new stash Tammy.


  3. Great new stash, Tammy! I hope your stitching bug returns soon.

  4. Lovely stash.
    Sometimes it's just a phase we go through, am sure your mojo will return soon.


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