Saturday, June 20, 2015

Got some stitchy mail today

So Although my stitchy bug is gone my shopping bug is still here (well until the end of the month cause thats when the new strict budget begins and I will be just stash stitching for a while unless I need fabric or thread that will be my only presents for stitchy stuff or if its gifted.

So I received Wise Owl which I have wanted for over 6 months and the elephant is hopefully something I will start tonight on for my co-worker. and Willow Brook Pathways I could not say no to
along with this bag (click on bag for link/ comes in green too) that is currently on order for July.
That's it the last of my spending spree unfortunately.

I stopped too being in two of the monthly groups, it was too hard to keep of track of my stitch along plus the too other blogs stitch from stash and turtle. I might try again or look for something new to try. Maybe my stitchy bug will come back to me if I get the elephant done. It is so cute and so is my co-workers new baby!

I took my son to Calaway park which is an amusement park just outside of Calgary. Gotta say we had fun but nothing compared to Wonderland in Toronto. And very pricey!!!


  1. Beautiful new pieces, Tammy :-) I hope your stitching bug returns. I dropped out of Turtle Trot and Stitch from Stash, too. Will you still be doing the Stitchy Start? Looks like everyone had fun at Calaway Park. Take care :-)

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