Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Completed Pictures

I am sooooo irritated with myself! I keep an album of all my finished cross stitch pictures with info about them and a list on computer. I was not following through with it so I started my finish cross titch blog to keep them in order and the info about them. Then I could add them to my album. Everything has gone down hill. I spent a few hours last night and now today working on it. I am so mad because I have a few out of order now in my album. I know its petty but its really bothering me. anyways might have to rewrite them I guess to please myself. My blog is fixed now to update my lists and figure out my album and the pictures I need to develop too grrrr. Note self Use cards I made for projects and make sure I stick them in album in proper place grrrrrr.
This is how it is suppose to look

This is my mess
I realized in doing this I could not find a picture of my Garnet Fairy done. I finished her in April. I also did not write down the fabric I used. I checked the blog, tags ect. Did I even Show it off to you guys? I am disappointed some of the red did run a bit so its not 100%. The fabric is actually cream with yellow in it. I tried ten different kinds of pictures nothing got the fabric to show up properly.


  1. Good luck getting everything back in order!

  2. I also keep a photo album and am kicking myself because....I have not updated it at all in 2015! Ugh, that's awful. I also have an elderly aunt that I keep meaning to send pictures of my stitching to...and I haven't done that either. I really need to get on the ball with both of those things or the year will be over soon and it won't be done. Ugh...

  3. That would bother me, too. Good luck with fixing it. Your Garnet Fairy is beautiful.

  4. I hope you get it all sorted out. These sorts of things frustrate me, too. Your Garnet Fairy is gorgeous!

  5. Garnet is beautiful. You showed her without the beads because I remember the dye run problem.

  6. You and I have the same photo album! Mine is woefully out of date because I have not had a color printer in such a long time. Maybe one of my projects this winter will be to get it up to date.

    I rely on a spreadsheet I keep on GoogleDocs for my cross stitch records, now

    Garnet fairy looks great! :)

  7. I'm trying to keep a record on my blog, but I keep forgetting to update it. When I finally remember I have to go back and check everything again - soo time-consuming! Would be much easier if I could do it as I go...but I'm hoping I'll get into new and improved habits soon!!


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