Sunday, August 9, 2015

De- Stash

Don't know about any of you stitchers out there but after 21 years of stitching I have decided its time to sell some of my patterns that I know I will never stitch, want to do or just plainly dislike because my tastes have changed. If you are curious you can head to this link for my album on facebook destash group.
I would love to be able to buy some beautiful fabric one of them is this one which will cost me a small fortune
its for the family tree for my dad. Its going to be gorgeousness on this I think (to see pattern read back a post or two)

I also want to get a couple other fabrics for some other projects so I thought if I de-stashed that will help. I think I will be buying some newer patterns off my 123 wish list for Christmas but I have to stop adding to it because it will be hard to choose which ones to buy.

I have been working on this since last night too I think it is cute. The only thing is I wanted to get some grandpa material. Do you think I can find some nope and my mom looked too. No such thing. I think someone must get on this and design some!!

Well I was on facebook this is what I found on the couch, I was wondering why it was so quiet but then again he was watching a movie


  1. There comes a time like in every stitcher's life. I tried the link, but I couldn't get it to work; I'll try again later. That fabric will be perfect for the tree! Aw, so sweet :-)

  2. Love that fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing your family tree stitched on it. Awww, your son is too cute! :D


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