Thursday, August 20, 2015


Honestly don't know how some of you stitchers do it without a hoop.i don't like it at all 😕


  1. I tried it once and got cramp in my hand LOL

  2. I like it because I can scoop the fabric but it makes my hand cramp sometimes

  3. I couldn't do it...not at all, tried, failed. I know what I know and what I like :)

  4. On my smaller projects I always stitch in hand, but the bigger ones go in a stitching frame. I rarely use a hoop. (Unless I'm embroidering)

  5. Roll, not crumple! If you hold your fabric the way you are in the photo you will get oils from your hand on it. I learned this the hard way. Always roll your fabric so the stitching is on the inside of the roll and our hands only touch the back.

  6. In hand stitchers fascinated me - I likewise can't live without my 'snaps.


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