Saturday, September 5, 2015

Last day

My last day on Ontario. My son and I had a blast and both of us do not want to leave to go back to reality. Life sometimes really sucks. I hate being so far from my parents and it makes me sad.
I did finish a piece for my dad. Hopefully.y mom can make it into a pillow or something for him. 

grandpas are for loving 
Just for grandpa's pattern
Waxing moon designs 
Finished Sept 6th/2015

When I do get home there is some stash waiting for me, excited to see some of the items.


  1. I'm sorry your vacation is almost over I hope you had fun! I live far from my parents too. We just moved closer but they're still several states away. I talk to my mom every day though so it's not too bad. Your stitching is lovely :)

  2. Cute finish!!! So sorry your vacation is soon over! :(


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