Saturday, October 31, 2015

some good news

hubby mom made it through surgery and they just remove the tumour not the whole breast so I take that as a good sign. I personally would have chose to have the whole thing removed but its her body. They are going to analyse tumour and figure out what continued therapy she might need. We will know in about two weeks.

My stitchy bug has not come back and I am going to stop feeling guilty about not stitching, I beat myself up every day now for not stitching. I honestly feel like selling 80% of my stash.

I have though started planning which is  a hobby all in it self OMG the money that you could spend just at etsy is unbelievable. It is helping me with thoughts and so I don't forget things that I remember at odd times of the day. I have to have a post it note close by so I can rewrite it.
This is a picture of this week just to show you.

and here is my cute
Love this picture from August! I should have his preschool pictures hopefully this or next week too
He always makes me smile 


  1. Great post don't worry about not stitching. It's meant to make you happy. If not no worries!

  2. Hi - I just popped over from Justine's blog. Sounds like a good sign for your MIL hope it continues. I love your decorated diary/journal. Love photo of your son. Don't sell your stash the stitchy bug will return. Joan at

  3. That is wonderful about your MIL, I hope she recovers well. Don't feel bad about your lack of stitchy mojo, but don't sell your stash either... your mojo will probably come back one day. That is how my mojo works, anyway.

  4. cute boy!!
    and I hope she recovers well.
    About your planner...I liked it. You can buy inexpensive things to your planner at dollarama! Have dollarama store in your city?

  5. nice this blog.
    You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. I’m looking to reading your next post.



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